About Flanders

Welkom in Vlaanderen! Welcome to Flanders!

The Flemish community is one of the three Communities
of the federal state of Belgium. The other two are
the French community and the German-speaking

Upwardly mobile

Under Belgium’s federal system, Flanders conducts
its own science and innovation policy. We set our
own objectives and focus on domains of our own
choosing, which makes Flanders a dynamic and exciting
research environment

At the same time, no doubt like you, Flanders is upbeat
and ambitious. We constantly strive for excellence and boast
state-of-the-art research facilities. Moreover, our researchers thoroughly
deserve their mounting reputation abroad. And you could easily join them.

Work hard, play hard

The majestic facades of buildings in cities like Brussels Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Leuven reflect the glorious past. But don’t be fooled by the grand old impression given by our architecture. For while we are proud of our past successes, our gaze is very firmly fixed on the future.

The Flanders of today enjoys a very high standard of living. We make this happen by ensuring that our policies on education, culture, employment, childcare and family matters are among the very best in Europe.

Moreover, Flanders is an ideal base from which to explore neighbouring European countries. Though the region itself has plenty to offer you first!

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    “You don't think about falling in love, you just do, and I certainly love it here! Flanders is very well organised and Leuven is an enchanting city in many ways.”

    (postdoctoral researcher, Serbia)

    "I'm very happy here in every way: not just in my professional and home life, but also from the aesthetic and environmental points of view. So I expect to stay."

    (tenured academic staff member (ZAP), United Kingdom)