Research landscape

Flanders enjoys a very solid reputation for
research in Europe

Key facts:

  • In 2007, Flanders invested 2.03% of its gross
    domestic regional product (GDRP) in R&D. That
    figure is set to rise to 3% by 2014. The Flemish
    Region scores well above the European average,
    coming ahead of the United Kingdom, the
    Netherlands, Italy, Ireland and Spain.
  • Every year, Flanders turns out around 17.3 SCIE
    publications on the natural sciences and technology
    per 10,000 inhabitants. Only Sweden, Denmark
    and Finland produce more published material.
  • Increasingly, Flemish scientific publications are the
    result of close international cooperation. In 2007,
    over 57% of registered publications had a foreign
    co-author, placing Flanders joint top (alongside
    Denmark) in this connection.