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Strategic Energy Technology Plan conference 2010

A Belgian EU Presidency conference trio ewi-vlaanderen European Commision

Mr. Fabrizio BARBASO



Deputy Director-general - European Commission, DG Energy



Mr. Fabrizio Barbaso has a background education in law. Born in Torino, he started his professional activities working for a multinational group in Italy. He joined the Commission in 1976, where he occupied several positions in the services in charge of internal market and industry. He worked for 9 years directly with two Italian Commissioners in various capacities in their cabinet before heading the unit in charge of textile, clothes, furniture, leather and footwear in the Internal Market Directorate.

On 1 November 1997, he was appointed Director in the External Relations Directorate dealing with the countries of Southern Europe (including the Balkans), the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Between October 2000 and August 2003, he was in charge of market policies as Deputy Director-General in the Directorate-General for Agriculture.

From September 2003 until December 2005, he has been acting Director General of DG Enlargement, at the time when ten countries joined the European Union.

From 1st January 2006 until 17 February 2010, he was Deputy Director General of DG Transport and Energy in charge of coordination of the energy policy.



Joint Declaration with regard to the official launch of the European Industrial Bio-energy initiative (EIBI) and the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII)

15 November 2010 - 14h00